These are the units for which Eagle Compressors are best recognized. Durable, quiet running, low vibration, and low maintenance are common phrases describing our screw compressor systems. Our unique “Cube Module” which encompasses the motor, cooler, and screw compressor makes for a compact sturdy design which can be used to replace existing reciprocating field units, or assembled with other components to construct a complete air supply system.

     Flow range: 18 CFM – 800CFM
     Integrated oil injected design
     (Integral oil reservoir)
     Low vibration levels
     Low noise levels
     Extended maintenance intervals
     Combination Air/Oil cooler
     100% duty cycle (Auto-load/unload)
     More CFM per BHP than recip’s

These modules are ideal for converting existing
reciprocating machines into rotary screw
compressors. The “cube” is designed to replace
existing compressor/motor combinations allowing
the owner to upgrade the system to newer
technology with a minimum amount of disruption
and cost.

Available in 5 to 50 horsepower models.
Flow ranges from 18 to 200 SCFM