HMM Series Modular Membrane Compressed Air Dryers
Since 1948, people around the globe have relied on Hankison International to deliver the right solutions to efficiently meet their compressed air drying and filtering needs. The HMM Series, Modular Membrane Compressed Air Dryers, continue that tradition in offering a revolutionary "point-of-use" alternative for long dew point applications.

Successful water vapour removal, without the loss of oxygen, is accomplished by the unique permeation method and proprietary construction of the HMM Series. Our advanced design features:
Unique outside-to-inside permeation increases surface area for more efficient drying
Special membrane fiber coatingprevents hydro-carbon absorption and maximizes forgiveness to liquid upset conditions
Helically wound fiber bundles gain 30% more drying capacity in a space-saving package
Structured fiber packing with consistent cross-sectional density, provides greater energy efficiency, reduces pressure drop, and eliminates by-pass channeling
Rugged welded aluminum housings are lightweight and robust for security under pressure. Epoxy powder coated (both inside and out) for protection from the elements

For larger quantity orders the HMM Series can be tailored to match O.E.M. feed air and dew point requirements. Our unique purge configurations allow us to customize our performance to match your design.

Eliminate damaging water by reducing system pressure dew point from +40 degrees F to-40 degrees F (+4.4 degrees C to -40 degrees C) and beyond
No oxygen loss
Modular connections mate the HMM Series and HF Series prefilters and afterfilters together for quick, clean and easy installations
Free up your valuable floor space with our compact vertical O.E.M. ready design
No moving parts to wear out
No electrical requirements make it ideal for portable applications and remote installations
Replacement membrane bundles combine the convenience of a filter with the reliability of a dryer

Technical Specifications of the HMM Series