The MSH600 multi-stage horizontal pumping units offer quiet, low maintenance, high pressure disposal of produced water. Generally, these units do not require a charge pump and can operate from the liquid head available from the supply vessel (assuming the vessel is vented to atmosphere). If liquid filtration is required, an A100 charge pump may be necessary to overcome the pressure losses through the filter.

Unlike reciprocating pumps, most MSH 600 applications do not require a concrete foundation for support. The heavy structural steel pump base can be bolted or welded directly to the equipment skid without concern for vibration or resonance. Maintenance and repair time is kept to a minimum by using an external ANSI stuffing box which can incorporate a wide variety of mechanical seals to suit the application. The main rotating assembly is connected to the pump by a floating spline shaft coupling and 10-12 mounting flange bolts. Rotating assemblies can be quickly changed at the site keeping down time to a minimum. This product offers flows to 950 USGPM and pressures to 4200 PSI.


We have complete design and fabrication facilities to accommodate most any water disposal application from bare units to complete packaged systems including skid, filtration, piping, instrumentation and building.

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